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The Manawatu Access Radio Charitable Trust, which broadcasts as Manawatu People's Radio, is a vibrant, grass roots, not-for-profit Community Access radio station. Since 1997 we have offered a media platform to the diverse range of community groups and individuals in our region who otherwise have little or no access to the airwaves. We also champion local music on air - and in the community - throughout the year.

MPR doesn't make radio programmes. We provide the opportunities, facilities, support and training needed for community groups and individuals to make their own content that reflect their views and values.

If you decide to claim your share of the air, you'll learn how to prepare a show that can be recorded in the MPR studios, “out in the field”, from home, as well as how to operate the equipment for a live broadcast.

Each week we host around 50 unique community access shows by, for and about real people – like you! MPR broadcasts from our studios on Broadway Avenue 24/7, on 999AM Manawatu-wide, covering the region north of Levin to South of Whanganui, and from the coast to the gorge. We also broadcast globally via live stream! All of our locally made programmes are available OnDemand right here, as well as, iTunes, Spotify and other respected podcasting sites.

The station is funded by grants and donations, and with support from NZ on Air to deliver services in keeping with Section 36(c) of the Broadcasting Act, which requires the provision of broadcasting facilities for minority interests, needs and groups.

MPR therefore offers free-to-air broadcast opportunities to the local community, whilst ensuring the content is:

  • By, For and About a community united by a common interest or culture; and/or
  • By, For and About a Not For Profit Organisation; and/or
  • Focused on a LOCAL community environment, culture or viewpoint; and/or
  • A creative outlet for people challenged by physical or mental disability, or mental illness.

As such, you can make radio in your language, from your point-of-view and for your interest. As long as you broadcast within the law, you will experience full editorial control.


Programmes on MPR reflect the views and values of the Programme Maker, and not necessarily those of Manawatu People's Radio or its associates.

MPR is a member of the Community Access Media Alliance

MPR is a member of Community Collective Manawatū


Fraser Greig - Station Manager,  Hugh Dingwall - Content Coordinator,  Samuel Gordon - Content Assistant


Margie Comrie - Chair, Wendy Sullivan - Secretary, Jon Bowen - Treasurer

Also: Ben Schmidt (CCM Rep), Peter Cleave (Tanenuirangi Manawatu Inc. Rep.), Mayette Maling-Cope (MMC Rep.), and Justin Ngai.

Currently Vacant Seats on the MARCT Board:

  • Community Broadcasters Rep.
  • Mayor of MDC Rep.
  • Mayor of PNCC Rep.
  • Youth Council Rep.

  • If you wish to be informed about how to get involved with the Manawatū Access Radio Charitable Trust, feel free to contact Fraser Greig for more info


    Images and infographics courtesy of the NZ on Air/Colmar Brunton Survey of Community Access Radio ahead of The Big Listen 2016. To read the full report click here.

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